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MS Rehab Brochure - Back On TrackMS Rehab BrochureMS Rehab Brochure - RI RehabAt Rhode Island Rehabilitation Center we are excited to be in the process of becoming a certified Partner in MS care, as established by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This process entails specialized training for all participating Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapy Assistants. Back On Track MS Rehabilitation clinicians are training directly under MS Certified PT and Director of MS Rehabilitation Programming, Courtney Macksoud, DPT MSCS, as well as participating in multiple continuing education courses, webinars, and community events. Through this process, our staff is learning the most up and coming treatment for MS patients from top MS health professionals and working closely with a variety of MS care centers and organizations. We are currently launching new and exciting programs to further education, explore new treatments and exercise styles, and create a cohesive MS community.

MS Rehab - Might for the Fight

Optimism when fighting a life-altering disease is essential to good mental health. Knowledge of the newest advancements in MS care as well as the real power of a positive attitude are essential to arming yourself in the fight against MS. Strength of mind and body are not only possible but vital - RI Rehab and Back on Track plan to show the world that we have the Might for the Fight.

Crudele (An RI Rehab Patient) aims to bring MS out of the shadows - 11/21/13 - Warwick Beacon

Kathy's Story | Testimonial Dear Activist in the Fight Against MS,

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with MS for decades, the words “Multiple Sclerosis” can be fear-provoking. People who have been diagnosed with MS come from all walks of life, with varying age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, and socioeconomic status. MS can present itself in a multitude of ways - symptomology differs person to person and can be so varied that an individual may notice differing symptoms day to day. While our symptomology, background, and many other variables set us apart, we do share one major commonality: the importance of self-advocacy.

I am immensely pleased to inform you that Rhode Island Rehabilitation Center and Back on Track Physical Therapy are currently launching a comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Program. Our programs aim to personalize treatment to the individual, focus on goal setting, provide home exercise programming, and address deficits in any way, shape, or form in which they present. We will work closely with your neurologist in order to provide individualized baseline data as well as updates in status and clear tracking of improvements made throughout treatment. Our physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists and fitness experts have undergone extensive training in the MS field and remain current on the latest research, treatment techniques, and innovations in the MS domain. We pride ourselves in MS specific expertise, and in the spirit of becoming a vital advocate for yourself, we invite you to learn more about all that we have to offer.

Courtney MacksoudFeel free to contact me directly, cmacksoud@rirehab.com, or dial (866) REHAB-MS and ask to speak with me regarding MS rehab treatment. There is much to learn and much to be gained through rehabilitative therapies - I look forward to our journey together.

In Health,
Courtney Macksoud, DPT, MSCS
Director of MS Rehabilitation at RIRC and BOT

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