Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a dynamic field melding the science of medicine with the art of healing. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) rehab treatment at Rhode Island Rehabilitation Center (RIRC) and Back on Track Physical Therapy (BOT)is designed on a case to case basis. We believe that individual needs and goals should drive the rehabilitation process. The initial physical therapy appointment is a comprehensive evaluation in which goals are discussed, tests and measurements are taken, and an individual plan of care is created and discussed. Future treatments follow the established plan of care. We value patient communication and feedback in order to provide optimal care to all patients.

At RIRC & BOT, we encourage a team approach to care between Primary Care Physicians, Neurologists, Psychologists, and all other health care professionals. We understand that MS is a multifaceted condition and that rehabilitation treatment is an important and effective supplement to medical care. All evaluations, plans of care, re-evaluations and any other relevant information will be regularly faxed to your referring physician to encourage an open line of communication and continuity of care.

Physical Therapy treatment can address and improve any / all of the following:

• pain • balance
• fatigue • coordination
• mobility • endurance
• strength • range of motion
• flexibility • spasticity

Check with your physical therapist before beginning any exercise program.
He or she may make recommendations about:

• The types of exercise best suited to you and those which you should avoid
• The intensity of the workout (how hard you should be working)
• The duration of your workout (how long your exercise session lasts)
• The frequency of your workout (how often you exercise)
• Modifications in common exercise styles
• Creation of a personal exercise program that meets your needs. The type of exercise that works best for you depends on your symptoms, fitness level, and over all health.